Welcome to MAP4C, a Flipped Class! Please bring headphones if you plan on working ahead!
Please remember to come to class prepared including a good calculator. This is a friendly reminder that cell phones are not permitted in class "Bell to Bell, no cell."

Explaining the Flip Classroom process
    • 3MR- 3 minute review (usually done at home)
    • Take the note and fill it in using the video (usually done at home)
    • Signature (start of class)
    • Homework (in class, with your classmates)
    • Signature (near end of class)
    • FAQ (hand in at end of class)

Unit 6 - Algebraic Models


May 9th
video 6.1a MAP4C

May 10th
video 6.1b MAP4C

May 11th
video 6.2a MAP4C

May 14th
video 6.2b Part 1 MAP4C
video 6.2b Part 2 MAP4C
video 6.2 Part c MAP4C - Reference video

May 15th
video 6.3a MAP4C

May 16th - I am away
video 6.3b Part 1 MAP4C
video 6.3b Part 2 MAP4C

May 17th
video 6.4 MAP4C

May 18th
video 6.5 MAP4C

Happy May long Weekend!

May 22nd
video 6.6a MAP4C

May 23rd
video 6.6b Part 1 MAP4C
video 6.6b Part 2 MAP4C

May 24th
video 6.7a MAP4C
video 6.7b MAP4C
video 6.7c MAP4C

May 25th "Work Period" AKA Have fun at Prom! (Please be safe and make smart decisions!)

May 28th
Start Modelling Project

May 29th
Review for Test

May 30th

Unit 6 Test

Modelling Project Due

Unit 5 Graphical Models

Apr 23rd
video 5.1 MAP4C

Apr 24th
video 5.2a MAP4C
video 5.2b MAP4C (Surprise)

Apr 25th
video 5.3 MAP4C

Apr 26th
video 5.4a MAP4C
video5.4b MAP4C
video 5.4c MAP4C
video 5.4d MAP4C
video 5.4e MAP4C
video 5.4f MAP4C

Apr 27th - PD Day

Apr 30th
video 5.5a Part 1 MAP4C
video 5.5a Part 2 MAP4C

May 1st- Miller Cup

May 2nd
video 5.5b Part 1 MAP4C
video 5.5b Part 2 MAP4C

May 3rd
video 5.6a & 5.7a MAP4C
video 5.6b & 5.7b MAP4C

May 4th
Review for Test

May 7th
Review for Test

May 8th


Dec 1 PD Day

Unit 4 - Statistics

Apr 9th
video 4.1a MAP4C

Apr 10th OSSLT

Apr 11th
video 4.1b & 4.2 MAP4C

Apr 12th
video 4.3a MAP4C
video 4.3b MAP4C

Apr 13th
video 4.5 MAP4C

Apr 16h
video 4.6 MAP4C

Apr 17th
video 4.7 MAP4C

Apr 18th
Video Project Description

Project and review

Apr 19th
Project and Review

Apr 20th

Unit 4 Test and Project Due

Unit 3 - Two Variable Statistics

Mar 19th
video 3.0 MAP4C

Mar 20th
video 3.1 MAP4C

Mar 21st
video 3.2 MAP4C

Mar 22nd
video 3.3a MAP4C
video 3.3b MAP4C

Mar 23rd
video 3.3 c (Day 2) MAP4C

Mar 26th
video 3.4a MAP4C
video3.4b MAP4C

Mar 27th and 28th
EStat Video MAP4C

Spreadsheet links
Spredsheet 1 - Daylight hours
Spreadsheet 2 - Daylight hours 2
Spreadsheet 3 snowrain
Spreadsheet 4 - snowrain2

Mar 29th
video 3.7 MAP4C

Apr 3rd and 4th- Project Completion time

Apr 5th Review for Test

Apr 6th * Complete Unit 3 Test and Project is due

Unit 2 - Geometry

Feb 22nd
video 2.1 MAP4C

Feb 23rd
video 2.2a MAP4C

Feb 26th
video 2.2 & 2.2c MAP4C

Feb 27th
video 2.2b MAP4C

Feb 28th
Video 2.3 MAP4C

Mar 1st
video 2.3b MAP4C

Mar 2nd
video 2.4a MAP4C
video 2.4b MAP4C
Spreadsheet links Spreadsheet 1 (area opt) Spreadsheet 2 (PerOpt)

Mar 5th
video 2.6a MAP4C
video 2.6b

Mar 6th
video 2.7 MAP4C
Spreadsheet link Spreadsheet 3 (SAOpt)

Mar 7th
2.8 video MAP4C Review

Mar 8th
Work Period - Technology/Spreadsheet Assignment
- Design/Candy Holder Assignment
- Study for Knowledge (Multiple Choice Test)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Mar 9th
Work Period - Technology/Spreadsheet Assignment
- Design/Candy Holder Assignment
- Study for Knowledge (Multiple Choice Test)

Mar 10th - Unit 2 Knowledge TEST

and submit Technology and Design Assignment

Unit 1 - Trigonometry

Feb 5th - Welcome, Course Info, Classroom Expectations
Stuff we are accomplishing today:
  • Logging onto the computer
  • First Day Stuff - Classroom Expectations, Complete the "Student Info Sheet", Course Outline

*Watch Video 1.0 and complete the lesson note tonight!

Feb 6th
video 1.0 MAP4C (watch video and complete lesson prior to class)

Complete HW and FAQ before the end of class

Feb 7th
video a 1.1 MAP4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)
video b 1.1 MAP4C

Feb 8th
video 1.1b MAP4C (watch video and complete lesson prior to class)

Feb 9th
*Before watching the video, there is an investigation to complete on your note! Please try this first. The videos give guidance if you are not sure what to do.

video 1.2 MAP4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)
video 1.3 MAP4C

Feb 12th
video 1.4a MAP4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)
video 1.4b MAP4C

Feb 13th
video 1.5 MAP4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)

Feb 14th - Happy VDay!
video 1.6 MAP4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)

Feb 15th - Review day 1

*Make sure that all FAQ's and HW are complete

Feb 16 & 20th -Review days Feb 20th*Although it is a fog day, I am at school. TEST is still tomorrow!***
1)Review questions Pg 54 #1 - 30 (Select at least 10!)
2) Create Study Notes. (Use Text Pg. 53 to help you!)
3) Try Practice Test on Pg 57

Feb 21st

UNIT 1 Test


Unit 7 - Annuities

Unit 7 FAQ's

May 31st
video 7.0 MAP4C

June 1st
video 7.1a Part 1 MAP4C
video 7.1a Part 2 MAP4C

June 4th
video 7.1b Part 1 MAP4C
video 7.1b Part 2 MAP4C

June 5th
video 7.2a MAP4C
video 7.2b MAP4C

June 6th
video 7.3a MAP4C
video 7.3b MAP4C

June 7th
video 7.4 -7.6 MAP4C

June 8th PD Day!

June 11th
same video as last day!

June 12th
video 7.7a MAP4C
video 7.7b MAP4C

June 13th
video 7.9 MAP4C

June 14th

June 15th
Start Exam Review

Start working on your Exam Formula sheet. You must use a yellow sheet that the teacher will provide.

1) Use both sides of this sheet for formulas, solving steps, TI83 calculator processes and Desmos steps.

2) No full solutions allowed!
3) You are responsible for bringing this to your exam!

Class days June 18th to 21st, Exam days June 22 to June 26th
Exam Review Booklet

Review video 1 MAP4C
Review video 2 MAP4C
Review video 3 MAP4C
Review video 4 MAP4C
Review video 5 MAP4C

omit #19

FINAL EXAM will be Tuesday June 26th at 9 am. Don't forget to bring your yellow formula sheet!

Good luck of the rest of your exams and in the future!


Happy Holidays!