Welcome to MCT4C, a Flipped Class!
Please remember to come to class prepared including a good calculator. This is a friendly reminder that cell phones are not permitted in class "Bell to Bell, no cell."
The Flip Classroom process
    • 3MR (usually done at home)
    • Take the note by watching the video (usually done at home)
    • Signature (start of class)
    • Homework (in class, with your classmates)
    • Signature (near end of class)
    • FAQ (hand in at end of class

Unit 2 - Sinusoidal Functions

Feb 22nd
video 2.0a MCT4C
video 2.0b MCT4C

Feb 23rd
First: Handouts "Graphing Sine and Cosine Functions", "Venn Diagram Exercise" and "Frayer Model for Sine and Cosine Functions"
THEN Video video 2.1 MCT4Cs

Feb 26th * I am away.
video2.2a MCT4C
video 2.2b MCT4C

Feb 27th
video2.3a MCT4C
video 2.3b MCT4C

Feb 28th* I am at a meeting in the library.
video 2.4a MCT4C
video 2.4b MCT4C

Mar 1st
video 2.5a MCT4C
video2.5b MCT4C

Mar 2nd
video2.6a MCT4C
video 2.6b MCT4C
Lab videos
Lab video 1 MCT4C
Lab video 2 MCT4C
Lab video 3 MCT4C

Mar 5th
Review day 1

- make sure all FAQ's are done and all HW is checked!

Mar 6th
Review Day 2
(finish questions assigned yesterday and make study notes)

Mar 7th - Unit 2 Test

Unit 1 - Trigonometry

Feb 5th -Welcome, Student Info Sheet, Course Info, Getting logged in
Stuff we are accomplishing today:
  • Logging onto the computer
  • First Day Stuff - Course Expectations, Do the "Student Info Sheet", Course Outline

*Watch video 1.0 Trig Review (see link below) and complete the note

Feb 6th
video 1.0 MCT4C (watch video and complete lesson prior to class)

Feb 7th
video a 1.1 MCT4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)
video b 1.1 MCT4C

Feb 8th
video a 1.2 MCT4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)
video b 1.2 MCT4C

Feb 9th
video a 1.3 MCT4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)
video b 1.3 MCT4C

Feb 12th
video 1.4a MCT4C (watch video and complete lesson prior to class)

Feb 13th
video 1.4b Part 1 MCT4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)
video 1.4b Part 2 MCT4C

Feb 14th
Video 1.5 Part 1 MCT4C (watch videos and complete lesson prior to class)
video 1.5 Part 2 MCT4C

Feb 15th
Video 1.6 MCT4C (watch video and complete lesson prior to class)

Feb 16 and 20th **Feb 20th, Fog day, I am at school. TEST is still tomorrow!

Feb 21st

Unit 1 TEST


Unit 7- Geometry

Unit 7 FAQ's

Jan 8th
video 7.0a Part 1 MCT4C
video 7.0a Part 2 MCT4C

Jan 9th
video 7.0b MCT4C

Jan 10th
video 7.1 MCT4C

Jan 11st
video 7.2 MCT4C

Jan 12th
video 7.3 MCT4C

Jan 15th
video 7.4 Part A MCT4C
video 7.4 Part B MCT4C
video 7.4 Part C MCT4C

Jan 16th
video 7.5 MCT4C

Jan 17th
video 7.6 Part A MCT4C

Jan 18th
video 7.6 Part B MCT4C

Jan 19th

Jan 22nd
Start Exam Review

Start working on your Exam Formula sheet. You must use a yellow sheet that the teacher will provide.

1) Use both sides of this sheet for formulas, solving steps, TI83 calculator processes and Desmos steps.

2) No full solutions allowed!
3) You are responsible for bringing this to your exam!

Jan 23rd - Jan 25th
Review for Exam booklet

Review video 1 MCT4C
Review video 2 MCT4C
Review video 3 MCT4C
Review video 4 MCT4C
Review video 5 MCT4C
Review video 6 MCT4C

FINAL EXAM is on Tuesday January 30th at 9:00 am. Don't forget to bring your yellow formula sheet!

Good Luck on the rest of your exams!

Unit 6 - Solving Polynomial Equations


Dec 6th
video 6.1 MCT4C

Dec 7th
video 6.2a Part 1MCT4C
video 6.2a Part 2 MCT4C

Dec 8th
video 6.2b MCT4C

Dec 11th
video 6.2c Part 1 MCT4C
video 6.2c Part 2 MCT4C

Dec 12th
video 6.3 MCT4C

Dec 13th
Video 6.4 MCT4C

Dec 14th
video 6.4b Part 1 MCT4C
video 6.4b Part 2 MCT4C
video 6.4b Part 3 MCT4C

Dec 15th
video 6.5a Part 1 MCT4C
video 6.5a Part 2 MCT4C

Dec 18th
video 6.5b Part 1 MCT4C
video 6.5b Part 2 MCT4C
video 6.5b Part 3 MCT4C

Dec 19th
Review for Test

Dec 20th
Review for Test

Dec 21st


Dec 22nd - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Happy Holidays

Unit 5 Polynomial Functions


Nov 15th
video 5.1a MCT4C
video 5.1b MCT4C

Nov 15th
video 5.2a MCT4C

Nov 16th
video 5.2b Part 1 MCT4C
video 5.2b Part 2 MCT4C

Nov 16th
video 5.3a MCT4C

Nov 17th
video 5.3b MCT4C

Nov 20th
video 5.4a MCT4C
video 5.4b MCT4C

Nov 21st
video 5.5a MCT4C
video 5.5 MCT4C

Nov 22nd
Review 5.1 to 5.5

Nov 23rd
Test 1 (sections 5.1 to 5.5 only)

Nov 24th
video 5.6a MCT4C
video 5.6b MCT4C

Nov 27th
video 5.7 MCT4C

Nov 28th
video 5.8a MCT4C
video 5.8b MCT4C

Nov 29th
video 5.9 MCT4C

Nov 30th
video 5.10 MCT4C

Dec 1st - PD Day

Dec 4th
video 5.11 MCT4C

Dec 5th
Review for Test

Dec 6th

Unit 5 Test

Unit 4 Exponential Functions

Oct 24th
video 4.0 MCT4C

Oct 25th
video 4.1a MCT4C
video 4.1b MCT4C

Oct 26th
video 4,2a Part 1 MCT4C
video 4.2a Part 2 MCT4C

Oct 27th
video 4.2b Part 1 MCT4C
video 4.2b Part 2 MCT4C

Oct 30th
video 4.3a MCT4C
video 4.3b MCT4C

Oct 31st - BOO!
video 4.4a MCT4C
video 4.4b MCT4C

Nov 1st
video 4.5a MCT4C
video 4.5b MCT4C

Nov 2nd
video 4.5c MCT4C (Day 2)
video 4.5d MCT4C (Day 2)

Nov 3rd - PD Day

Nov 6th
video 4.6 MCT4C (Day 1)

Nov 7th
video 4.6b MCT4C (Day 2)

Nov 8th
Review and Practice Test

Nov 9,10,13
Work Period

Nov 14th


Unit 3 - Vectors

Oct 10th
video 3.1 MCT4C
missing example missing example

Oct 11th
video 3.2 MCT4C

Oct 12th
video 3.3 MCT4C

Oct 13th
video 3.4a MCT4C
video 3.4b MCT4C

Oct 16th
video 3.5a MCT4C
video3.5b MCT4C

Oct 17th - Review and Practice Test

Oct 18-20th final Work Periods - make sure that all FAQ's are done and all HW is checked (normally 2 days)

Oct 23rd - Unit 3 VECTORS TEST