Welcome to Grade 9 Math! I will post blank lessons as will as completed lessons here daily. Please remember to come to class prepared including a good calculator. This is a friendly reminder that cell phones are not permitted in class "Bell to Bell, no cell."

EQAO Practice Questions

*EQAO TEST will take place near the end of this semester. This is worth 30% of your overall mark! The EQAO Dates are June 13th and 14th. Please avoid making appointments on these days.

Spiral 3 Topic 1 Everything but Lines

May 24th - 3.1.1 & 3.1.2 Ratios and Percents

May 24th - 3.1.3 Exponents

Applied Work (only)

May 25th 3.1.4 Geometry

May 25th 3.1.5 and 3.1.6 Algebra and Measurement and Equations and Fractions * complete pink sheet

May 28th 3.1.7 Word Problems and Review Questions

Skip this time Due to EQAO being early 2nd semester!
(Take up Review and Quiz 3.1)

Spiral 2 Topic 3 - Linear Relations

May 8th - 2.3.1 Rational Numbers

May 9th - 2.3.2 Slope from Table Graph and Equation

May 10th - 2.3.3 Graph from Point and Slope

May 11th - 2.3.4 Graph to Equation and Equation to Graph

May 14th - 2.3.5 Horizontal and Vertical Lines *complete pink sheet

May 14th - 2.3.6 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines - Complete pink sheet

May 15th - Practice Test and Review

May 16th - Take Up Practice Test and Quiz 2.3

May 17th Field Trip

May 18th - Spiral 2 Big Ideas (First 3.5 pages)

HW Try "you own sections and front page of Practice Test

Enjoy the long weekend!

May 22nd -Spiral 2 Big Ideas (last 2 pages) and Practice Test

May 23rd - Spiral 2 TEST

Spiral 2 Topic 2 - Measurement

Reminder to look for HW carefully as it will be listed as 1D for Academic, 1P for Applied**

Apr 26th - 2.2.1 Rearranging Formulas and Thinking Inquiry 2.1

Apr 27th PD Day

Apr 30th -Volume with Missing Measurement

May 1st -Surface Area of Pyramids and Prisms

May 2nd - Surface Area of Cones and Spheres

May 3rd - 2.2.5 Optimizing Area and Perimeter *complete pink sheet

May 4th- 2.2.6 Solving Problems with Geometry and Review Questions

Applied only - complete warm up with class then complete Practice Test

May 7th Take up Review and Quiz 2.2

Spiral 2 - Topic 1 Exponents and Algebra

Reminder to look for HW carefully as it will be listed as 1D for Academic, 1P for Applied**

April 18th 2.1.1 & 2.1.2 Exponent laws and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Apr 19th - 2.1.3 Simplifying and Solving

Apr 20th - 2.1.4 Solving Equations with Fractions

Apr 23rd - 2.1.5 Writing Expressions * complete pink sheet

Apr 24th - 2.1.6 Word Problems and Review Questions

Apr 25th - Take up Review and Quiz 2.1

Spiral 1 Topic 5 Graphs and Relations

Mar 26th - Scatterplots

Mar 27th Distance-Time Graphs and First Differences

Mar 28th - 1.5.4 Rates of Change

Mar 29th - 1.5.5 Partial and Direct Variation

Apr 3rd - 1.5.6 Understanding Equations of a line

Apr 4th - 1.5.7 Equation to Graph the Easy Way

Apr 5th 1.5.8 & 1.5.9 Creating Equations from Tables and Solving Problems

Apr 6th 1.5.10 Linear Systems

Apr 9th - Review for Quiz

Apr 10th- OSSLT Practice, HW - study for Inquiry and Test

Apr 11th- Thinking Inquiry and Review for Quiz

Apr 12th - 1.5 Graphing and Relations Quiz

Apr 13th - Practice Test for BIG Spiral 1 TEST

Apr 16th - No bus day!
*I am here at the school. TEST is still set for tomorrow, spread the word!
Today, check your solutions below and go to EQAO link above and complete the 2017 Applied released questions. (you will need to print the applied question and answer booklet from 2017)
Take Up Quiz 1.5 and Practice Test



Spiral 1 - Topic 4 Geometry

Mar 19th - 1.4.1 Geometry Review

Mar 20th - 1.4.2 Angles in Triangles

Mar 21st -1.4.3 Angles in Quadrilaterals and Polygons

Mar 22nd -1.4.4 Geometry Review

Mar 23rd - Geometry Quiz

Spiral 1 - Topic 3 Measurement

Mar 1st - 1.3.1 Perimeter and Area

Mar 1st - 1.3.2 Pythagorean Theorem (Double up from me being away on Monday)

Mar 2nd - 1.3.3 Perimeter and Area of Composite Shapes

Mar 5th - 1.3.4 Volume of Prisms

Mar 6th- 1.3.5 Volume of Pyramids and 1.3.6 Volume of Spheres
*complete pink sheets

Mar 7th - 1.3.7 Maximum Area for a Given Perimeter
*complete review

Mar 8th Thinking Task and Review for Quiz

Mar 9th - Take up Review and Quiz 1.3 Measurement


Spiral 1 - Topic 2 Algebra and Equations

Feb 20th - 1.2.1 Intro to Algebra *Fog Day, I am at school and will go over this lesson.If you are not able to make it in, print off 1.2.1 done(below) and see if you understand it.

Feb 21st - 1.2.2 Collecting Like Terms

*get parents to sign quiz 1 and return it to me, Thanks!
Feb 22nd - 1.2.3 Distributive Law and Thinking Task 1.1 & 1.2

Feb 23rd - 1.2.4 Solving One and Two Step Equations "Fill in Pink Sheet"
*Submit Thinking and Inquiry Question**

Feb 26th I am away for just work on review

Feb 27th - 1.2.5 Solving Complex Equations and Review Questions

Feb 28th - Take up Review and Quiz 1.2


Feb 5th - Welcome to Grade 9 Math

Feb 6th - Diagnostic Assessment

Spiral 1 - Topic 1 Numeracy and Exponents

Feb 7th - 1.1.1 Integers and BEDMAS

Feb 8th - 1.1.2 Fractions

Feb 9th - 1.1.3 Ratio and Rates and Solving Problems - I am away

Feb 12th - 1.1.4 Ratio, Rates and Problems

Feb 13th - 1.1.5 Percent * Fill in Pink Sheet*

Feb 14th - 1.1.6 Exponents and Review Questions

Feb 15th Review day

Feb 16th - Take up Review and Quiz 1.1


Spiral 3 - Topic 2 Lines

May 29th - 3.2.1 & 3.2.2 Graphing Linear and Non-Linear Relations including X and Y intercepts

May 30th - 3.2.3 Standard Form

Applied Work only

May 31st - 3.2.4 Writing Equations

June 1st - 3.2.5 Linear Word Problems

June 4th - 3.2.6 More Word Problems

June 5th 3.2.7 Intersection Points

*start EQAO 2013 (released questions) *See EQAO link above to get to booklets

June 6th - EQAO Practice Test

*start EQAO 2014

June 7th - EQAO Practice Test
*start EQAO 2015

June 8th - PD Day (work on 2017 booklet, use above link and find it online)

June 11th -EQAO Practice Test
*start EQAO 2016

June 12th -EQAO Practice Test I am at school today, for those who can not make it in safely
*check booklet 2016 using link above and complete EQAO 2017
EQAO is still scheduled for tomorrow! Please be ready:)

June 13th and 14th EQAO TEST Period 1 and Period 2

June 15th - Celebration for completing EQAO! Potluck in class!

June18th -

June 19th -

June 20th-

June 21st -
Good luck on all your other exams. Drop by and say hi, my door is usually open!
Take Care!