Welcome to Ms. Rastorfer's Wiki!

Hi Everyone,
I am teaching in room 132 and lab room 174

This wiki will be used as an important resource to help you prepare for success in your math class. I will post lesson topics and assigned homework on this wiki daily and give notice to important quiz/test dates. If you are absent from a class, simply click on the correct course code form the left side, select the lesson(use the dates to help you) and you can easily find the homework and the lesson that you have missed. For students who struggle to copy the lesson down, I recommend that you print the blank lesson off prior to class and then fill in the solutions with me during lesson. Homework is usually posted at the end of each lesson in a black box. You will have homework most days...please do not tell your parents a different story.

I also want to remind you that I am here to provide you with extra help when needed. All you need to do is ask! Help at lunch will be in Rm 111A.

It is advised that you have a good scientific calculator with a 2 line screen calculator. Below is a calculator that most of my past students have found easy to use. Students will need to bring a calculator with them daily as they will not be permitted to use cell phones, Ipads or cell phone apps as a calculator on assessments or during class.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRAD5hEr4uaEubm6aGP0N8p0pu4ya2UlBp5lcopkJIBe4xIW9xGA