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Review For Final

Your exam is Wed June 20th in Rm 307 at 1:00pm

Financial Math - Unit 7

Note : Test on Thursday June 7th

Data Analysis - Unit 6

PLEASE NOTE: Redwalk on Wednesday
Inquiry Part (Graphing Calculator Part on Thursday)
Test on Friday

Quiz on Wed May 16th

Unit TEST will be on Friday May 25th (if Redwalk runs on May 23rd),

or Thursday May 24th(if redwalk is postponed)

May 14th - recap Fridays' lesson (assembly went longer than expected, no new lesson.

I am away today, here is the lesson.

Two Variable Statistics - Unit 5

Test on Monday!

Survey Projects
Environmentally Friendly
Long Gun Registration
Play offs
Ice Cream
Redmen vs Phoenix
Cell Phones

Unit Test is on Mon. May 7th

Project is due May 4th at 9:00am

Graphical Models - Unit 4

Monday Apr. 16th - I will be away here is the lesson! Be ready for your test on Tues.

Note : TEST on Tues April 10th

Algebra and Algebraic Models - Unit 3

TEST is tomorrow!

HW Handout for above lesson!

HW Handout for above lesson!

HW - Handout for above lesson!

Note: Quiz # 2 on Friday March 30th

Unit test on Tues April 3rd

I am away today, here is the lesson.

Note: - Quiz on Friday March. 23rd * exponent laws, evaluating polynomials and multiplying polynomials*

This is the HW questions for many days in this unit!

Measurement and Geometry - Unit 2

See below for HW booklet
Todays HW and for the rest of the unit!

No HW tonight!

See last 2 pages for HW.
See below for HW.

NOTE: Quiz on Thursday
Inquiry on Monday Mar. 5th
Review Mar 6 & 7th (weather permitting)
Unit Test on Thurs Mar. 8th
HW Handout is below!

I am away Thursday and Friday. See the above lessons.

Trigonometry - Unit 1

hw handout - see below link

Note Quiz on Friday and Unit test on Thurs Feb. 16th