Welcome to MBF3C! This course does not use a textbook - you will need your ipad charged and in this class everyday! You will also need a good calculator as phones and Ipads are not allowed in class or on assessments for the purpose of a calculator.

Your final exam is on Mon., Jan 30th in Rm 307 at 9:00am - 10:30am.

Review for Final Exam

For your final exam, you will create a "study sheet" that must be submitted to Ms. Rastorfer no later than Wed Jan 25th.

Your exam is worth 30% over your overall mark. Please make sure you have a good calculator, pencil, ruler and eraser.

This is the review lessons. We will do one lesson per day.
This is the HW. We will complete one page per review day.
Answers to Practice Exam

Jan 16th

Jan 17th - snow day

Jan 18th

Jan 18th Double up

Jan 19th

Jan 20th

Jan 23rd

Jan 24th

Jan 25th - work Period
*Make sure that you complete and hand in your study sheet by today!*

Unit 6 Exponential Functions

Jan 9th

Jan 9th (Double up due to snow days)

Note - No Quiz or Unit test this year, but material i still on the exam

Jan 10th - snow day

Dec 11th

Dec 11th(Double up due to snow days)

skip this year

Jan 12th

Jan 13th

_Go to review section - "Review for Final Exam"_

skip this year

skip this year

Skip Dec 21st - Work Period

Skip Dec 22nd Unit test

(We are skipping unit 6 until after Christmas Break.)

Unit 7 Personal Finance

Dec 8th

Dec 9th

Dec 12th - snow day

Dec 13th

NOTE: UNIT TEST on Thursday Dec 18th - Open Book!

Dec 13th

Dec 19th

Dec 20th

Dec 21st - Work period

Dec 22nd - Unit 7 Test

Dec 23rd - Grinch Lesson

Christmas Break...ENJOY! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Unit 5 Probability

Nov 21st

Nov 22nd

Nov 23rd

Nov 24th

Note: Quiz on Nov 30th
Unit Test on Dec 7th (Create a study sheet for this test)

Nov 25th

Nov 28th

Nov 29th

Study for quiz next day(open book)* be ready! then complete HW "Unit 5-5" handout

Nov 30th

*Study sheet must be submitted to Ms Rastorfer on Dec 7th (at the latest)

Dec 1st

Dec 4th - PD Day

Dec 5th and Dec 6th - Work Period(s)
-Today we took up the quiz, see above for solutions and worked on our Study Sheet. Make sure to have the study sheet completed for Wed., it is worth marks on your test!

Unit test on Wed Dec 7th

Unit 4 Statistics

*Please bring a pencil and a ruler each day to draw and interpret graphs!

Oct 27th
(NO HW tonight!)

Oct 26th

Oct 28th

Oct 31st

Note: INQUIRY on Nov 17 using graphing Calculators

QUIZ on Nov 18 (K,C,A)

Nov 1st and 2nd (since I am away!)

Nov 3rd

Nov 7th
-now that lesson is complete, finish all assigned HW.

Nov 8th
IPP day

Nov 9th

Nov 10th - Remenbrance Day Assembly

Nov 11th

Nov 14th

Nov 15th

Nov 16th

INQUIRY - Thurs. Nov. 17th

TEST - Friday. Nov 17th

Unit 3 Quadratic Relations - Kaboom!

*For this unit, we will use the following booklet. Please make sure you bring it to class everyday! This unit will take 8 days, the assessment will look just like the booklet examples. All lessons and HW are to be done in this booklet!

Oct 11th
Day 1 Watch videos, research quadratics and find cool facts
*Complete last page of booklet (except equation box)

Oct 12th
Day 2 Identify all three forms of the Quadratic, graph the parabola & identify important parts
*Complete equation box on last page
*For each example A to E, complete the first page & include the step pattern

Oct 13th
Day 3 Calculate first and second differences in the table of values
*For each example A to E - Fill in the Y values
- circle vertex in T of V
- complete the first and second differences
*Note and Learn that the second differences on y always equal twice the value of "a"

Oct 14th
Day 4 Convert Factored and Vertex forms to Standard form
expand by using FOIL and Distributive Laws
*For each example A to E - complete both both boxes under the "Convert to Standard Form" section.

Oct 17th
Day 5 Convert Standard form to Factored Forms
Common factor and trinomial factor
*For each example A to E - complete the box under the "Convert to Factored Form" section.
-identify the zeros( x-intercepts)

Oct 18th
Day 6 Convert Factored form to Vertex Form
1) Find the axis of symmetry by using the zeros which gives you "p" value.
2) Next substitute this value into the standard form which gives you the "q" value.
3) Note what the value of "a" is
4) lastly sub in values of a, p, and q into vertex form.
*For each example A to E - Complete the "convert to Vertex Form" section.

Oct 19th
Day 7
*Complete example F

Oct 20th
Day 8
*Complete Practice Assessment G

Oct 21st
Day 9
- Final Review
*Complete bonus example
*study the Kaboom booklet, especially the last page!

Oct 24th - Work Period
I have posted below the completed booklet.

Oct 25th

Day 10 Assessment

Unit 2 Trigonometry

Sept 15th

Sept 16th

*Quiz #1 on Right Triangle Trig on Sept 21st

Sept 19th

Sept 20th

Sept 21st
QUIZ and No HW

Sept 22nd and 26th

HW Day 1 # 1ab,2a3a 2c3c,4abdf
HW Day 2 # 1c, 2b3b, 4ce,5,6

Note a)Quiz # 2 on Sept 30th
b) UNIT 2 Trig TEST on Fri Oct 7th.

Sept 27th and 28th

HW Day 1 # 1a2a, 1c2c, 3a-d
HW Day 2 #1b2b, 3ef, 4-6

Sept 29th

Sept 30th

Quiz and No HW

NOTE: Test on Fri Oct 7th
Oct 3rd

Oct 4th

Oct 5th

Oct 6th - Work Period

TEST on Fri Oct. 7th**

Enjoy a long weekend with no HW! Happy Thanksgiving!

Unit 1 Intro and Review

*Please make sure you purchase a good calculator!*

Sept 6 and 7th

Note: Quiz on Wed Sept. 16th - material from 4 review days

Sept 8th

Sept 9th

Sept 12th

Sept 13th - Review Day - Work Period

Sept 14th


Unit 6 TEST -

Unit 1 Intro and Review

Sept 3rd

Note: Quiz on Wed Sept. 10th - material from 4 review days

Sept 4th.

Sept 5th

Sept 8th

Sept 9th - Review Day - Work Period

Sept 10th

Please note: Parents will be notified if you are not successful on this quiz

I have added the Financial Math review lesson here!
Financial Unit Test Answers

Unit 3 Quadratic Relations

Part 2

Note Inquiry Test on Tues. Oct 30th

Unit TEST on Thurs Nov. 1st *Complete the review for test marks!*

*Midterm mark is based on all assessments thus far.

we will finish lesson on Monday. Q 1 for HW tonight.

Make sure to complete the review, it is worth communication marks on your test!

Part 1**

I am away Tues Oct. 9th, here is the lesson!
Quiz #2 on Monday Oct. 15th

TEST on Thurs. Oct 18th