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Year End Review for Exams

This exam is on Tues. Jan 31st in the Rm 307 at 9:00 to 11:00am

Jan 20th

Jan 23rd

Jan 24th

Jan 25th - Work Period!

Questions in Text - Cumulative Review
Units 1 - 3 See Pg 186 - 189
4 - 6 See Pg 382 - 385
7 See Pg 526 # 1 - 8

Good Luck on all of your exams!

Unit # 7 Exponential Functions

Jan 16th

Jan 17th = snow day, organise your notes and work on review package!

Jan 18th (triple up on lesson)

Jan 18th

No Quiz or Test due to snow days!

skip 7.5a & 7.5b this year

- Quiz

Jan 18th (triple up on lesson)

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- Review

No quiz this year!*

- Quiz

Unit 7 test - not this year!

Unit 6 - Sinusoidal Functions

*This is a short unit, please do not fall behind.! See me for extra help:)

Dec15th - snow day

Dec 16th

Dec 16th - double up the lesson due to snow day!

Dec 19th

Quiz on Dec 22nd, Unit TEST on Friday Jan 13th

Dec 20th

Dec 21st

Dec 22nd

Quiz today - no new homework assigned

Dec 23rd - The "Grinch" lesson
Have a great Christmas Break!

Jan 9th

Jan 10th - snow day

Jan 11th

Jan 12th- Work Period/ Practice Test

Jan 13th - Unit 6 Test

Unit 5 Trigonometry

You will need a good calculator with you in class everyday!**

Nov 23rd


Quiz on Nov. 30th! (On SOH CAH TOA and Sine Law)

Nov 25th

Nov 28th

Unit Test on Tues Dec 13th!

Nov 29th

Nov30th - Quiz

Dec 1st Staff/ Student Hockey Game
Dec 2nd - PD Day

Dec 5th

Dec 6th

Dec 7th


Dec 9th and Dec 12th - Work Periods

Dec 12th - No buses running

Due to compassion reasons, the test will be moved to Wed.

Dec 13th - Extra work period

Dec 14th - Unit 5 Test

Unit # 4 Working with Quadratic Models: Standard and Vertex Forms

*This is our last quadratics unit and it focuses on "completing the square" method to convert to Vertex Form and solving with the Quadratic Formula!

Nov 2nd

Nov 3rd

Nov 7th

Nov 8th

Quiz on Nov 11th.

Nov 9th

Nov 10th

Nov 11th - Quiz

Unit Test is on Tues Nov 22nd.

Nov 14th

Nov 15th

Nov 16th

Nov 17th - Work Period

Nov 18th - Practice Test

Nov 21st - Work Period but most of period will be an assembly!
*See me at lunch for extra help!

Nov 22nd Unit 4 test

Unit # 3 Standard and Factored Quadratic Forms
***This unit combines Units 1 & 2, please review them if you are having difficulty!

Oct 17th

Note: Quiz on Friday Oct 21st

Oct 18th

Oct 19th

Oct 20th

Note: Unit Test - Tuesday Nov 1st.

Oct 21st - QUIZ

Oct 24th

Oct 25th


Oct 27th

Oct 28th

Oct 31st - work period

Nov 1st - TEST

Unit 2 - Algebra of Quadratic Expressions

This is a short unit, please try not to fall behind!

Sept 28th

Sept 29th

Sept 30th

Oct 3rd

Oct 4th - Go watch Vball

Oct 5th

Oct 6th
Quiz - expanding and factoring using - common factoring
and (r+s and rs) trinomial factoring

Oct 7th

Note: Unit Test is on Fri.,Oct. 14th! *Please see me for extra help!

Oct 11th

Oct 12th

Oct 13th
Work Period - Study for test!

Oct 14th - Unit 2 Test

Sept 6th

Sept 6th and 7th

Unit 1- Introduction to the Quadratic Function

Sept 8th

Sept 9th

Sept 10th

Note: Quiz coming up on 1.1 to 1.4a material, be ready!
Please study and good luck!

Sept 12th

Sept 13th
-Work Period

Sept 14th

Sept 15th

Sept 16th

Sept 19th

Note: Unit #1 Test will be on Tuesday, Sept 27th, start studying :)

Sept 20th

Note to students. If the equation is not in Vertex Form.. create a table of values, then graph it to find the domain and range. If you are texting friends....please spread this message. Thanks:)

Sept 21st

Sept 22nd
Work period - study for upcoming test

Sept 26th
Extra work period ( Only b/c of PD DAY)

Sept 27th Unit 1 TEST