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Review for Exam

Your Final exam is 30% of your overall mark.

It will be held on Monday June 27th at 9:00am in Rm 307.

June 13th

rvideo 1

June 14th

rvideo 2

June 15th

rvideo 3

June 16th

rvideo 4

June 17th

rvideo 5

June 20th

rvideo 6

June 21st

rvideo 7&8

June 22nd - Work Period

Unit 7 & 8 Discrete functions and Financial Applications

May 26th

Video 7.1

May 27th


May 30th


May 31st


June 1st - RED Walk

June 2nd


Note: Unit 7 & 8 TEST .....June 9th???? (NO test due to prom)

June 3rd


June 6th


June 7th

video 8.5

June 8th

video 8.6

Unit 7 & 8 TEST on Thurs., June 9th (No test this year due to prom)

Unit 6 Sinusoidal Functions

May 13th

video 6.1 video 6.1 Part 2

May 16th

video 6.2

Unit 6 Test is on May 25th

May 17th

video 6.3a


video 6.3b

May 19th

video 6.5

May 20th

video 6.7

May 24th

video 6.8 review

Work Period May 24th

Unit 6 Test is on May 25th

Unit 5 Trigonometric Ratios (This unit is mixed, if you choose to flip it, please be a day ahead of posted time frame.

Apr 21st

Assigned work (not included in the video) page 274 #1 - 7, page 572 #5 - 9
video 5.0

Apr 26th

video 5.1

Apr 27th

video 5.2


video 5.3

Note: Unit Test is on May 11th (NOW on May 12th due to an assembly)

Apr 29th

video 5.4a

May 2nd

video 5.4b

May 3rd

video 5.5

May 4th

video 5.6 & 5.7

May 5th

video 5.8

May 6th

video 5.9

May 9th - PD Day

Work Period May 10th

May 11th - assembly *Study for your TEST next day

Unit 5 test on Thursday, May 12th.

Unit 4 - Exponential Functions (this unit is flipped and not mixed!)

Apr 7th

video 4.2

Apr 8th

Video 4.3

Apr. 11th

Video 4.4

Apr 12th

Video 4.5

Apr 13th

Video 4.6a This is a longer lesson!

Unit 4 Test on Thurs Apr 21st

Apr 14th

Video 4.6b

Apr 15th

Video 4.7a

Apr 18th

Video 4.7b

Apr 19th

Video 4.8

Apr 20th - Work Period (Review for Test)

Unit 4 Test is on Thurs April 21st

Unit 3 - Quadratic Functions

Mar 21st

video 3.0

Mar 22nd

Video 3.1

Mar 23rd

Video 3.2a

Mar 24th

video 3.2b

Mar 29th

video 3.4

Note: Unit Test is on Apr 1st and Apr 2nd (see below for details)

Mar 30th

video 3.5 (Part 1)
video 3.5 (Part 2)

Mar 31st

video 3.6

Apr 1st

video 3.8

Apr 4th

Video 3.9

Apr 5th - work period (study for Test)

Unit Test Part 1 on Wed Apr 6th - K, C, A

Unit Test Part 2 on Thurs Apr 7th - I, C

Unit 2 Equivalent Algebraic Expressions

We will try flipped and unflipped for this unit!
*to make up for 2 lost days, we will need to double up on some lessons! This is so that we can get the unit test in before March Break!

Feb 29th

video 2.1

Feb 29th

video 2.2

Mar 1st

video 2.3

Mar 2nd

video 2.4a

Unit 2 test is on Mar 11th

Mar 3rd

video 2.4b

Mar 4th

video 2.5

Mar 7th

video 2.6

Mar 8th

video 2.7

Mar 9th

video 2.8a

Mar 10th work period

- Complete Review questions & try Practice Test on Pg. 134.
Test is tomorrow, are you ready?

Unit 2 Test on Fri. Mar. 11th!

Unit 1 Intro to Functions

Feb 4th


Feb 5th

video 1.1

Feb 8th

video 1.2

Feb 9th

video 1.4

Unit 1 Test is on _Wednesday Feb. 24th__(tent.)

Feb 10th

video 1.5

Feb 11th

video 1.3

Feb 12th

video 1.6

Feb 16th

video 1.7

Feb 17th
No Lesson- Do half of the following at home, save second half for class!
HW Read Pg 38 and 39
Questions Pg 40 # 1 - 8
Pg 46 # 1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 13, 19, 20

Feb 18th

video 1.8

Feb 19th

video 1.9

Feb 22nd and 23rd - Work Periods

TEST on Wednesday Feb. 24th