Welcome to MCT4C.

You will need a GOOD calculator for this class as Ipads and/or cell phone apps are not permitted during assessments.

FINAL EXAM is on Monday June 26th in Rm 307 at 9:00 am.

Review For Final Exam

*I will use the same reviews from each unit, you may not want to photocopy these!

Day 1 - June 6th - Review of Trigonometric Ratios

video 1.7

Day 2 - June 7th - Review of Sinusoidal Functions

video 2.7

*Have fun at Prom!

Day 3 - June 12th - Review of Vectors

video 3.7

Day 4 - June 13th - Review of Solving Exponential Equations

video 4.7

Day 5 - June 14th - Review of Polynomial Functions

video 5.9

Day 6 - June 15th - Review of Solving Polynomial Functions

video 6.6

June 16th - work period!

Day 7 - June 19th - Review of Geometry Problems and Applications

video 7.7

Work Periods - June 20th, to 22nd

FINAL EXAM is on Monday June 26th in Rm 307 at 9:00 am.

Unit 7 - Solving Problems Involving Geometry

May 19th

video 7.1

May 23rd

video 7.2 Sorry class, I have an error in Ex 2. Correct answers are A = 187.79 square cm and 29 3/32 square inches . My mistake was that I substituted length =10 when it should have been length=20.

May 24th

video 7.3

Unit 7 test is on Thurs June 2nd(if Redwalk is on Friday) or Friday June 3rd if Redwalk is on Wed.

May 25th

video 7.4

May 26th

video 7.5

May 29th

video 7.6

May 30th

video 7.7

Work Periods May 31st & June 1st

Unit 7 Test is on Thurs June 2nd

Unit 6 Solve Polynomial Equations

***This is a short unit, please stay caught up!
May 4th

video 6.1

Unit 6 test is on May 18th

May 5th

video 6.2

May 8th is a PD Day

May 9th

video 6.3

May 10th

video 6.4

May 11th

video 6.5

May 12th - School Climate Survey

May 15th

video 6.6

Work Periods May 16th and 17th

Unit 6 test on May 18th

Unit 5 Polynomial Functions

Apr 12th

video 5.1

Apr 13th

video 5.2a

Happy Easter

Apr 18th

video 5.2b

Apr 19th

video 5.3a

Apr 20th

video 5.3b

Apr 21st

video 5.4

Unit 5 test will on held on Wed. May 3rd

Apr 24th

video 5.5

Apr 25th

video 5.6a

Apr 26th

video 5.6b

Apr 27th

video 5.7

Apr 28th

video 5.8

May 1st

video 5.9

Work Period May 2nd

Unit 5 test is on Wed May 3rd

Unit 4 Solving Exponential Equations

Mar 29th

video 4.1

Mar 30th

video 4.2

Mar 31st

video 4.3

Unit 4 test on Tuesday April 11th

Apr 3rd ( I am away at a math conference)

video 4.4

Apr 4th (I am away at a math conference)

video 4.5

Apr 5th

Video 4.6 part 1
video 4.6 part 2

Apr 6th

video 4.7

Work Periods Apr 7th, and Apr 10th

Unit Test ------ Tuesday Apr 11th

Unit 3 Models with Vectors

Mar 8th

video 3.1

Mar 9th

video 3.2a

Mar 10th

video 3.2b

*Happy March Break**

Mar 20th

video 3.3

Mar 21st

video 3.4

Note: Unit 3 Test on Tuesday March 28th

Mar 22nd

video 3.5

Mar 23rd

video 3.6

Mar 24th

video 3.7

Mar 27th
extra practice worksheets

Unit 3 Test on Tues. March 28th

Unit 2 Sinusoidal Functions

Feb 21st

video 2.1

Feb 22nd

video 2.2


video 2.3


video 2.4

UNIT 2 TEST on Tuesday March 7th
Feb 27th

video 2.5a

Feb 28th

video 2.5b

Mar 1st

video 2.6a

Mar 2nd

video 2.6b

Mar 3rd

video 2.7

March 6th - work review period

TEST Tues. March 7th


Unit 1 Trigonometric Ratios

Feb 3rd

video 1.0b

Feb 6th

video 1.1

Feb 7th

video 1.2

Unit 1 Test on Fri., Feb. 17th (tent)

Feb 8th

video 1.3

Feb 9th

video 1.4

Feb 10th

video 1.5

Feb 13th

video 1.6

Feb 14th

video 1.7
Feb 15 and Feb 16 Work Period

TEST DAY - Friday June 2nd