Welcome to Data Management!

Meet in Lab 232 on the following days:
Feb 10, 13, 23, 24, Mar 3, 20, 21, 29, 30, 31,Apr 13, 18, May 1, 15,16, 23, June 5, 6, 7, 8

June 2nd - 8th Lab 232 (working on Final Project and Presentation)


Presentations are June 12th to June 14th

Review for Exam

I will provide you with one of these!

June 15th

video R1

June 16th

video R2

June 19th

video R3

June 20th

video R4

June 21st

video R5

June 22nd - Final work period

Your Final exam, worth 20% is on Tuesday June 27th in Rm 307 at 9:00 am (It will have a higher focus on Normal Distribution).

Have a great summer and lots of fun in your future!

Unit 6 Normal Distribution

May 15th and 16th Lab 232 (Module 4 is due May 24th)

May 17th

video 6.1

May 18th

video 6.2

May 19th

video 6.3

May 23rd
-Lab 232 - Finish Module 3 (Due at end of class)

May 24

video 6.4

May 25th

video 6.5

May 26th

video 6.6

May 29th

video 6.7

June 2nd- Unit 6 test
June 5th to 8th in Lab 232 working on Project and Presentation
June 9th PD Day
June 12th - Everyone's Project is Due (10%)
June 12th - 14th- Presentations
June 15th - June 21st - Study for exam

May 30th

video 6.8

May 31st

video 6.9

June 1st Work Period

Unit 6 TEST is on June 2nd

June 6th - 9th Lab 232 (working on Final Project and Presentation)

Unit 5 Probability Distribution

May 1st - lab 232 working on Module 3 (due May 3)

May 2nd

video 5.1

May 3rd
- Submit Module 3

video 5.2

May 4th

video 5.3

Note: Unit 5 Test is on May 12th

May 5th

video 5.4

PD Day - May 8th

May 9th

video 5.5

May 10th

video 5.6 part A video 5.6 part B

May 11th

video 5.7

Unit 5 test on Friday May 12th

Unit 4 Probability

Apr 13 - Lab 232 - working on Module 3

Happy Easter

Apr 18th - Lab 232 - working on Module 3

Apr 19th

video 4.1

Apr 20th

video 4.2

Apr 21st

video 4.3

Apr 24th

video 4.4

Apr 25th

video 4.5

Note test On Friday Apr. 28th

Apr 26th

video 4.6

Apr 27th

video 4.7

Apr 28th - Unit 4 TEST

May 1st Lab 232 - Module 3 (try to finish it...it is due in 2 classes)

Unit 3 Permutations and Organized Counting

Happy March Break!

Mar 20th and Mar 21th in lab 232 working on Module 1

Mar 22nd

video 3.1

Mar 23rd

video 3.2

Mar 24th Module 1 is due

video 3.3

Mar 27th

video 3.4

Mar 28th

video 3.5

Mar 29 - 31st - Lab 232 - working on Module 2

Apr 3 (I am away at a math conference)

video 3.6

Apr 4th * Module 2 due
(I am away at a math conference)

video 3.7

Apr 5th

video 3.8

Note: Unit 3 Test on Wed Apr 12th

Apr 6th

video 3.9

Apr 7th

video 3.10

Apr 10th

Video 3.11

Apr 11th

video 3.12

Unit 3 Test on Wednesday Apr 12th

Apr 13th & Apr 18th - Lab 232 - working on Module 3

Happy Easter!

Unit 2 Two Variable Statistics

Feb 22nd Unit 1 test
*HW start thinking about the questions you will ask on your survey.

Please submit a rough copy of your survey on one page (one side only please) by Tuesday Feb 28th.

Feb 23rd and Feb 24th - lab 232 *complete rough copy of your survey and have at least one peer check it over prior to handing it in!

Plan on which people you want to use for your "sample" population. Also decide which sampling type you will use.
Get your survey ready. Type out a survey with around 10 questions. Make sure to have access to it at school as well as at home. Please provide an intro, and the first question should ask grade(9,10,11,etc) or age. Make sure other questions contain numerical data, at least 3. This is due Tuesday!

Feb 27th

video 2.1
-fix up your survey!

Feb 28th - Submit a "draft" copy of your survey

video 2.2

Mar 1st


Mar 2nd -- teacher will try to return survey drafts

video 2.3

Mar 3rd LAB 232 - good copy of surveys are due at end of class
  • if done early, start getting comfortable with a spreadsheet of your choice, but make sure it allows you to create graphs from a table.

Mar 6th

Video 2.4

Mar 7th
*teacher will photocopy surveys for you!
*survey organization and distribution

video 2.5

Mar 8th - Work Period - finish survey distribution and Study for Test
*start to tally your data

Mar 9th - Review for Test

Friday March 10th ---Unit 2 Test
*Make sure your survey results are organized (tallied) prior to next class!

*Have a Great March Break!*

Mar 20th and 21st- Lab 232 - work on Module 1 (due Mar 24th)

Unit 1 One Variable Statistics**

Feb 3rd

*research topic ideas for culminating project!

Feb 6th - I am away at volleyball!

Video 1.1 4U

Feb 7th

video 1.2

Feb 8th

Video 1.3 4U

Feb 9th

video1.4 4U

Feb 10th LAB 232

Feb 13th LAB 232

Feb 14th - Proposal Due

video 1.5 4U

Get ready for your test on Wednesday Feb 22nd!

Feb 15th

video 1.6a 4U

Feb 16th

video 1.6b 4U

Feb 17th

video 1.7 4U

Feb 20th - Family Day

Feb 21st - Work period

Unit 1 TEST is on Wed Feb. 22nd

Feb 23rd - LAB 232

Feb 24 - LAB 232


Culminating Project

***This is an easier version that you can simply "fill in"

Gale Databases Data Source 1 if working from home or personal computer...password is trillium.
Statistics Canada Data source 2

video R4