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Unit 1a - Conversions, Surface Area and Volume of 3D Shapes

Note: Homework is using the new textbook!

Unit Test # 1 (most likely) Thursday, Feb 24th
Topics include a) conversions of both imperial and metric systems
b) Volume of 3D shapes
c) Surface area of 3D shapes
You will also need to remember Pythagorean Theorem for this test!

Review for Test
Chapter Review Pg 406 - 407
Practice Test Pg 408 - 409

TEST is on Friday Feb 25th

Unit 1b Similar Triangles

Similar Triangles

Quiz on Thursday- Similar Triangles

Unit 2 Trigonometry

Students will need to have a scientific calculator for this unit.

Please note: 2.1 deals with Pythagorean Theorem which was already covered in the Measurement Unit 1a. Please review if needed

Today we did the Quiz and Literacy Package

Note: Unit test is on Friday! (We will not have class Thursday but will have a review period on Wed.)

UPDATE: Unit Test has been moved to MONDAY!

Unit # 3 Linear Relations

No lesson or HW for Friday Apr 8th due to a field trip.


Unit Test on Tuesday April 19th.

Today's work is to complete the practice test in your text on pages 148-149 (Omit # 5bc, 9b ). Study for your test which is tomorrow!

Unit # 4 Linear Equations

Quiz on Friday

Test on Tuesday May 3rd!

Unit # 5 Linear Systems

Quiz #1 on Wed. -which covers graphing and substitution methods

Quiz # 2 on Friday - which covers elimination method and applications(word problems)

Unit TEST on Tues May 17th

Review Period : Pg 226 # 1-13 (omit #3)

Test is tomorrow!

Unit # 6 & 7 Quadratic Relations

Quiz on Tuesday and Unit Test on Friday!

Unit 8 Representing Quadratic Relations

Note we only have 3 days for this unit. There will be a quiz on Monday!

Review for Exam

The Final exam is worth 30% of your overall grade. This exam is to be written in the GYM on Wed. June 22nd at 12:30pm

Students have the option of using a formula sheet (cue card) and matrix for their exam. It must be submitted to the teacher by the last day of classes (Tues. June 21st). Students will not be able to submit it after that date and will therefore not be able to use it for their exam.