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**Please note EQAO will be on June 11th and 12th. Please refrain from making appointments on these dates. This assessment is their final evaluation mark and is worth 30% of their overall mark. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Review for EQAO

June 4th Complete Booklet 2012 , we will take these up tomorrow and then I will post the solutions!

June 5th - Complete Booklet 2011, we will post solutions after we take them up!

June 9th - Complete the MC questions on the 2010 booklet, we will post solutions, when we take it up!

June 10th - complete Booklet 2013, see answers below

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE on EQAO Tomorrow and Thursday!

Unit 7 Measurement and Geometry

*Please note: there will be no unit test for this short unit! We will spend the time reviewing for EQAO.

Work period, complete the assigned work!

Unit 6 - The Equation of the Line

(May 8th, I am away at a math conference)
(May 9th, I am away at a math conference)

Unit 6 test is on Tues May 27th

(May 16th, I am away)
(May 20th, I am away)
complete the Practice Test, I will post the Practice Test Master next class!

Great Redwalk day!
Please do not print this lesson, it has 34 pages, just look at it!
Be ready for tomorrow's test! Here are the Practice test answers!

Unit 5 Relationships

(supply teacher in b/c I am away)

Unit 5 Test on Friday May 2nd

HW - complete Practice Test attached below!

Unit 4 - Polynomials

Unit 4 test on Tues April 15th

Unit 3 - Algebra

Note: Unit 3 test is on April 1st (no joking around!)

(try quiz on your own)

Get ready for the TEST a) complete the above practice test
b) extra practice - try other questions from handout (lesson 2.6)
solutions to Practice Test will be posted on Monday after class!

Unit 2 Powers and Roots

snow day
(get ready for a quiz next class)

Note: Unit 2 Test on Thursday March 6th

*see lesson on review of exponent laws.
complete this today (Wed)
check your answers!
Hi class, I hope for those who can't make it in today, that you complete the above steps. It is much better for you to write your test before March Break. My hope is that all of you will complete your test on Thursday! Happy studying!
Ms. R

Unit 1 Numeracy

Note: Unit Test on Fri Feb. 14th