Welcome to MPM 2D

FINAL EXAM is on Thursday Jan 22nd in Rm 307 at 1:00pm.

Review for Exam

Jan 15th
Unit 1 - Intro to Functions

rvideo 1

Unit 2 - Geometry

rvideo 2

Jan 16th
Unit 3 - Linear Systems

rvideo 3

Jan 19th
Unit 4-6 Quadratics (Relation types, algebra, factoring, solving)

rvideo 4-6

Jan 20th
Unit 7&8 Similar & Congruent Triangles and Trigonometry

rvideo 7&8
Jan 21st
Practice Exam

Good Luck on all of your exams!

Unit 7 Congruency and Similarity

*Note: this is a short unit and will be combined with unit 8 's test.
Dec 15th

Video 71. & 7.3

Dec 16th

video 7.6

Please bring in your "good" Scientific Calculator to class everyday for the last unit!

Unit 8 Trigonometry

Dec 18th

video 8.0

Jan 6th

video 8.1

Last Unit test - will not happen due to lack of time! (Sorry, I know you are upset about this!)

Jan 7th

video 8.2

Jan 8th

video 8.3

Jan 9th

video 8.5

Jan 12th

video 8.5b

Jan 13th

video 8.8

Jan 14th

video 8.9


video 8.10

Work Period -

Unit 7 and 8 TEST -

Unit 6 Analysing Quadratic Functions

(Test will cover material form Unit 4 to 6)

Dec 1st

video 6.1


video 6.3


video 6.4a

Unit 4- 6 test is on Dec 12th (as long as mother nature co-operates!)

Dec 4th

video 6.4b

Dec 5th

video 6.5a

Dec 8th

video 6.5b

Dec 9th


Please see me for extra help!

Review periods are Dec 10th & Dec 11th as shown below.

Dec 10th

video 6.7 (Review)

Dec 11th

Unit 4 and 6 test - Friday Dec. 12th

Unit 5 From Algebra to Quadratic Equations

*There will be 2 unit tests (5a and 5b) since there is a lot of material!

Oct 29th

video 5.0a

Unit 5a test will be on Wed Nov. 12th

Oct 30th

video 5.0b

Oct 31st

video 5.0c

Nov 3rd

video 5.1

Nov 4th

video 5.3

Nov 5th

video 5.4

Nov 6th

video 5.5

Nov 10th
(blank warm up and quiz)

video 5.5b

Nov 11th Review Period HW study for Test 5a

Nov 12th -Test 5a

Nov 13th

video 5.6

Nov 14th

video 5.7

Nov 17th

video 5.8a

Test 5b is on Thurs Nov 27 th

Nov18th -20th (Challenge Day) *need 2 days for this split up lesson!

video 5.8b

Nov 25th

video 5.10

Nov 26th - Review Period
get ready for test 5b

Nov 27th - Unit 5b TEST

Unit 4 Introduction to Quadratic Functions

Please note: This is a small transition unit and this material in this unit will be covered on Unit 5 Test.
Oct 22nd

video 4.0a

Oct 24th


Oct 27th

video 4.1

Oct 28th

video 4.2

Unit 3 Linear Systems

Oct. 6th

Video 3.1

Note: Quiz is on Oct 10th

Oct 7th

video 3.2

Oct. 8th

video 3.3

Oct 9th

video 3.4

Note: Unit 3 Test - Tues Oct. 21st

Oct 10th

Oct 14th

video 3.5

Oct 15th

video 3.6

Oct 16th

(no video lesson..work on above handout!)

Oct 17th

Oct 18th - Work Period

Unit 3 test - Tuesday Oct 21st

Unit 2 Coordinate Geometry

Sept 17th

video 2.0

Sept 18th

video 2.2a

Unit 2 Test is on Friday Oct. 3rd

Sept 19th


Sept 22nd

video 2.4

Sept 23rd

video 2.5

Sept 24th

video 2.6a

Sept 25th

video 2.6b

Sept 29th

video 2.7

Sept 30th

video 2.8


Oct 2nd - Work Period

UNIT 2 TEST is on Friday October 3rd!

Unit 1 Intro to Functions

Sept 3rd

video 1.0

Sept 4th

video 1.2

Sept 5th

video 1.3

Sept. 8th

video 1.4

Sept. 9th

video 1.6

Unit 1 test - (tent.) Tues Sept 16th


video 1.7

(Note:use above date for test!)

Sept. 11th

video 1.8

Study for test!

Sept. 12th

video 1.9

Sept. 13th

video 1.10note error in 2b) m = 3/5 and equation y = 3/5x + 36/5 (Yes, Ms R makes mistakes!)

Unit Test on Tues Sept. 16th!